2. Clone Klaystagram DApp

1) Clone Klaystagram repository

$ git clone https://github.com/klaytn/klaystagram

2) Install & Run Klaystagram DApp

The package you just cloned is ready to launch without any modification.

The sample contracts are already deployed to the Baobab testnet, and the contract ABI is included in our package. Klaystagram frontend code is initially configured to connect to the smart contract on the Baobab testnet.

If you want to run the app right away and see how it works, type below.

We HIGHLY recommend you follow the test environment mentioned on the first page.

$ npm install
$ npm run local

⚠ Please check the file and directory permissions if it doesn't work.

Application will pop up right away! (It may take a long time to load lots of feed images at first.)

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