런타임 중 노드 상태와 블록체인 데이터를 검사하고 디버깅하는 API입니다.

debug namespace는 몇몇 비표준 RPC 메서드에 접근하여 런타임 중의 특정 디버깅 플래그를 검사, 디버깅, 설정하도록 합니다.

NOTE Some debug namespace APIs are unsafe/unappropriate to be opened to public. We recommend you to provide the debug namespace APIs to authorized users only. However, if you want to maintain a public EN and provide debug namespace APIs to the public, we strongly recommend you to set the rpc.unsafe-debug.disable flag which will disable APIs that are unsafe/unappropriate to be opened to the public and enable only a subset of the debug namespace APIs. The enabled APIs are as follows:

  • VM Tracing APIs, however with limited functionality (only pre-defined tracers are allowed)

  • debug_dumpBlock, debug_dumpStateTrie, debug_getBlockRlp, debug_getModifiedAccountsByHash, debug_getModifiedAccountsByNumber, debug_getBadBlocks, debug_getModifiedStorageNodesByNumber

  • debug_metrics

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