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Release Notes

New Features

  • Introduced KES (Klaytn Endpoint System) (#707, #709)
    • Supported shared database and cache
    • KES Fetcher node processes blocks and KES Service node serves APIs with the shared database/cache without its processing
  • Added debug.startCollectingTrieStats API which shows a stat of state trie (#740)
  • Added debug.getModifiedStorageNodesByNumber API which returns modified trie nodes from the contract sotrage (#742)
  • Added logs to show block processing summary (#747)
  • Added unigram/bigram/trigram tracers and fixed an error in 4-byte tracer (#752)
  • Supported ABIEncoderV2 to pack dynamic array and slice type (#753)
  • Supported ABI to unpack tuple type and bytesN arrays (#807, #792, #786)
  • Introduced state.trie-cache-save-period option for periodical saving fast cache to filesystem (#828)
  • Added debug.StartContractWarmUp(common.Address) API to warm up contract storage trie node (#831)
  • Introduced state prefetcher which executes future blocks and future transactions against current state for pre-loading state trie cache (#832, #860)


  • Split chain data to send Kafka messages by chain data fetcher (#708, #712)
  • Changed metrics.Meter to metrics.Timer (#817)
  • Updated default docker image ID (#824)
  • Increased FD limit to the maximum value of the process (#827)


  • Fixed the path for saving trie node cache (#751)


  • Disabled seek compaction for LevelDB (#715)
  • Performed code refactoring (#730, #733, #735)
  • Updated golang to 1.15.7 version (#875, #871)
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