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New Features

  • Implemented a streaming module to push fetched blockchain data to Kafka in real-time
    • Implemented a Kafka client (#685)
    • Added options for Kafka (#689)
    • Implemented a Kafka consumer (#697)
  • Implemented Remote Cache (redis) (#681)
  • Implemented Redis pub/sub for the latest block (#676)
  • Implemented DB Migration feature (#648)
  • Implemented StateTrieNode cache dump feature to restore the cache after restart for performance boost at cold start (#692, #702)


  • Fixed wrong status API output of state trie migration (#703)
  • Fixed the validation logic of a role-based key including AccountKeyLegacy (#674)


  • Added options to disable Fetcher/Downloader/Worker (#680, #688)
  • Implemented to generate the genesis block with existing chain data (#649)
  • Removed the unused flag --cache.writethrough (#682)
  • Added an error log when failed to read the trie DB (#683)
  • Added the staking contract source code (#699)
  • Added --start-block-num to test past blocks (#711)
  • Added a validity check when a keystore is created (#725)
  • Added read/write performance metrics for Level DB (#726)
Last modified 4mo ago